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An inspired life of design, style, and entertaining.


It all starts with a memory, a feeling, a vision...a story ! 

Growing up setting the table with my grandmother was always my favorite part of family dinners & holidays. Her handing me the plates, and napkins as she followed behind me with the silverware and wine glasses, the two of us just falling into the quiet rhythm of setting the table together is engraved in my memory and my heart.

Those memories have inspired me to want to create those spectacular, beautiful moments for others. No matter the occasion, big or small, creating meaningful celebrations is my specialty. My favorite part about setting a table is thinking about the stories that will be told, the memories that will be made and new connections that will turn into friendships. 

I work with my clients to bring to life a warm and welcoming energy. My goal is to help not only to create a beautiful, intimate, well curated experience, but to imprint a fond memory for those who attend. The process may be unconventional, since we tend to see events and gatherings for the way they look, but not always how they feel.  It's all about bringing people together; the tablescapes, flowers, food and style is the added bonus. 

When you start dreaming up your next celebration or gathering, I would love to help you set the table.

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